About Us

CrowdBest is about making online shopping simple. We do that by ranking the top consumer products using an algorithm that combines our review with the wisdom of the crowd, mixing multiple data sources to a highly refined and relevant product list.

The challenge of online shopping

Choosing what to buy online is not always simple. The internet gives us plenty of online shopping options, but each site may have a different description, metrics and suggestions of what to purchase. When we decide to buy something, be it a kitchen appliance, a laptop, etc', we usually have a vague idea what we need, but are left with a large selection to choose from. Too large to make an informed decision. Even if we know which brand we want, we are still required to search, gather and compare before we can make a purchase. Quite an intensive work.

Our Mission

We believe that shopping shouldn't be so difficult. The online world should simplify the entire process, not confuse us with a variety of products, metrics, recommendations, prices and worst of all, unreliable information published to mislead us.

Realizing the gap in the market, we created CrowdBest, a quick, efficient and easy way to compare, save, and choose which of today’s top of the line products perfectly fits your needs.

By simply going to crowdbest.com the customer is imediatley presented with dozens of categories and then see the best ten products out of thousands on the market and all the specific details about each product including where to find it for the cheapest price.

Our Process

What makes CrowdBest special is that our extensively researched recommendation process is trifold:

Here at CrowdBest we work hard to make sure the consumer won't work hard, turning an overwhelming and problematic process into one that is fun and easy.

Power of the crowd

Don't decide alone, enjoy the experience of others using the reviews and decisions of other shoppers.

Aggregated data

Multiple sources combined into one highly refined and relevant product list.

Only the best

Compare only the best products. Our algorithms find the needle in the haystack, saving you time and money.