User's Choice
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  • 2000 Watt power
  • Wide range styling option
  • Lightweight & easy to maneuver
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  • 1900 Watt power
  • 6 Heat settings w/ cool shot
  • Infrared heat feature
Value for Money
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  • 1875 Watt power
  • Ceramic/ionic technology
  • 3 heat settings w/ cool shot
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  • 1875 Watt power
  • High value for price
  • Silent & lightweight
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  • 1000 Watt power
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Small & lightweight
Rate it! (748)
  • 1875 Watt power
  • Powerful & convenient to use
  • Anti frizz & healthy hair (Tourmaline Ceramic)
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  • 2000 Watt power
  • 7 Heat settings w/ cool shot
  • Lightweight & powerful
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  • 1200 Watt power
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Anti frizz & healthy hair (Tourmaline Ceramic)
Rate it! (295)
  • 1875 Watt power
  • Convenient to use
  • Silent & powerful
Rate it! (162)
  • 1200 Watt power
  • Hot & cold dryer
  • Scalp mode/skin mode (multi function)

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Hair Dryer: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Hair Dryer buying guide

A hair dryer is an essential part of many people’s daily grooming routine. Many women and men love the look of a blowout. Others are happy as long as their hair is not damp when they go out into the cold.

Your morning routine is easier if you choose the right hair dryer. The right hair dryer depends on your hair type, your style, other members of your household and your budget.

Primary Considerations When Choosing a Hair Dryer

Before you select a hair dryer, take a moment to consider your needs. This guide will give an overview of popular features, which features benefit which hair types, and other considerations. Start by considering the following basic factors:

  • Will you use the hair dryer at home or do you need a portable dryer that you can take to the gym or swimming pool? Some prefer two dryers for these different purposes since travel dryers typically have less power and are less durable.

  • If you travel internationally, you may want a portable dual-voltage option that can work in different countries.

  • Consider your tolerance for noise as some hair dryers are noisier than others.

  • Consider where you will use the hair dryer. Do you need a longer cord?

  • Consider your budget. There are quality hair dryers that are available at different price ranges. Sometimes a higher price may be due to features and power and other times it may be due to brand name and prestige.

Those questions are pretty basic, but they will help as you consider how to balance power and function with your personal needs.

Hair Dryers 101 - Popular Terms & Features Found In Contemporary Hair Dryers

Many people think one hair dryer is much like another. However, fashionistas know that features matter when it comes to choosing the right hair dryer. Whether you want to look your best or simply save time in the morning, one of our selected top ten hair dryers is right for you. However, it helps to understand some of the popular features.

Wattage or Power

A Hair Dryer’s power is measured in wattage. People often associate this with heat, however it has more to do with the hair dryer’s motor. Many professional hair stylists recommend an appliance with a high-wattage motor since it dries your hair faster without exposing it to excessive heat. However, a higher-wattage motor may result in a heavy hair dryer. Some stylists suggest a dryer in the range of 1800 - 1850 watts for an at home dryer. A portable or travel dryer will typically have less power.


A higher heat hair dryer also dries hair quickly and heat is and a powerful styling tool. However, excessive heat also damages hair and can irritate the scalp and delicate facial skin. Some higher-end hair dryers offer variable controls so you can pick the right temperature for your needs that day. Many of the higher-end features are included to decrease the dryers dependence on higher heat without compromising performance.

Ionic & Tourmaline Hair Dryers

An ion refers to a charged chemical component. An ion can be either negatively or positively charged. Water on and within your hair is positively charged. Ionic hair dryers are negatively charged. They break up the drops of water into smaller particles for faster evaporation. Ionic Hair Dryers are popular because they speed up the drying process and also decrease static electricity. However, they are not ideal for every hair style. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral used in some hair dryers. It basically is a stronger variation of an ionic dryer. Tourmaline is often used in ceramic hair dryers as these two features work together to reduce the time your hair is exposed to heat.

Ceramic and Titanium Hair Dryers

Ceramic and sometimes porcelain are used to either coat or replace the plastic or metal heating elements and internal parts. The primary advantage is that ceramic is that it conducts heat well. The heat is evenly distributed and the hair dryer is generally more efficient. Many of the top-rated hair dryers use ceramic parts. They range from inexpensive travel dryers to full sized professional hair dryers.

Titanium is a metal that also distributes heat evenly. Some people prefer a hair dryer with titanium parts are they are efficient, durable and often powerful.

Infrared Hair Dryers

Some hair dryers use infrared heat to dry hair from the inside out.

Now that you understand some of the basic language and terminology. They all offer benefits, however the right hair dryer depends on your household’s needs. Our top rated hair dryers range in price from $13 to $200. The materials and features are a large part of this price difference.

Some other Features

  • Accessories - Some hair dryers come with accessories or extensions such as a diffuser or concentrator. The extension you choose depends on your style. A diffuser makes curly or wavy hair styles easier as hair dryers tend to straighten hair. A concentrator makes straight styles easier and in some cases makes a straightening iron unnecessary.

  • Variable Speed & Heat Settings - Many dryers allow users to choose between a faster or slower wind speed. Often cheaper dryers do this but associate higher heat with higher speed and cool air with slower speed. Some higher-end hair dryers allow you to independently choose both the speed and heat level.

  • Cool Blast - a nice to have but not necessary. It helps keep the hair from overheating and it also helps set the style. Some who style with hair curlers while blow-drying like to use the cool blast to set the curls.

  • Ability to Toggle Between Ionic and Non-Ionic - While ionic hair dryers are very popular, they are not ideal for every hair style. Some hair dryers let the user toggle between the two options according to their styling needs. This can be helpful is sharing the appliance with another member of your household.

Tips To Choose The Best Hair Dryer For Your Hair Type

Thick Hair, Lots of Hair, Curly Hair

  • A Titanium Hair Dryer distributes heat evenly and keeps the temperature steady. However, it tends to result in high heat that might damage fine hair.

  • Infrared hair dryers also work well by reducing drying time

  • Ceramic ionic dryers especially if they also contain tourmaline work well.

  • Variable heat and power settings are always beneficial if your budget allows.

Fine or damaged Hair:

  • High heat damages hair. A high wattage motor can help as the power helps dry the hair without relying as much on high heat settings.

  • Ionic dryers work well if you want a sleek style as they reduce fly-away hair and static. However, a non-ionic hair dryer may be better it you want more lift and volume. Some high end dryers allow both as options.

  • Variable heat and power settings offer more styling options, however you can limit the higher heat to just a few minutes.

  • A cold blast button is a nice feature to help prevent overheating and to enhance shine.

Hair length:

  • For the most part, go with the dryer that matches your hair type

  • Users with longer hair typically spend more time drying their hair. Consider the dryers weight, whether it is easy to handle and the power.

  • Users with short hair may prefer a lower wattage or lower heat dryer to save money if the hair dries quickly.

We selected ten of the most popular and top rated hair dryers on the market. They range in price from $13 to $200. There is a hair dryer for needs and your budget whether you are looking for a professional dryer to use at home or a portable travel dryer.

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