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  • Marks location w/ traps & camera
  • Eliminates false alarms (AutoLearn)
  • Extremely adjustable
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  • 360° Protection
  • AutoSensitivity mode
  • Customize w/ EZ Programming
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  • 3 City & 1 highway mode
  • 6 Filter Modes
  • Simple to use
Value for Money
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  • 360° Laser detection
  • Alerts user when under surveillance
  • City or highway modes
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  • Detects 7 radar & 6 laser signals
  • City or highway modes
  • Detects latest GunPOP radar
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  • Build to last
  • GPS Receiver
  • Controllable sensitivity
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  • 360° Protection w/ arrow indicators
  • Detects all types of lasers
  • One touch mute
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  • Plug n' play
  • Quickly blocks false alarms
  • Accurate GPS technology
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  • Long range protection
  • AutoSensitivity mode
  • Live Radar app w/ smartphone
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  • Built in bluetooth
  • Can setup & personalize
  • OLED multi color display

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Radar Detector: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Some find that a radar detector helps them breathe easy while they drive. If you choose to invest in a radar detector for your car, you want to choose the right device for your needs. More sophisticated models use additional inputs including GPS to use location for a variety of more sophisticated features. Some also use a Bluetooth connection to pair the radar detector with smartphone apps.

How Radar Detectors Work

A radar detector alerts you if your car is monitored by a radar gun. The device detects a range of radio signals primarily those used by police and traffic law enforcement officers. Modern detectors may feature POP mode. POP Mode detects a newer style of radar signal. It sends a short signal to detect a speeding car in traffic. Older radar detectors can’t detect the POP signal.

Consider Your Needs First

Before you choose a radar detector, take a moment to consider your needs. The prices vary widely depending on the features and capabilities. If budget is a consideration, you may want to choose the detector best designed for the area where you drive.

  • Consider where you need the radar detector as some have a built-in city mode, highway mode, automatic mode, or the ability to toggle between modes. The city mode minimizes false alarms while driving in city traffic. It is a less sensitive setting. Highway mode is more sensitive.

  • Choose a unit with a clear display or possibly voice notifications to prevent or minimize driver distraction.

  • Consider legal implications. Radar detectors are illegal in some states and countries. For those who drive a lot for business, you may drive both in states where they are legal or illegal. Some radar detectors allow you to shut off the signal when traveling through states where they are not allowed. Also make sure your unit is FCC compliant.

Popular Common Features Found In Best Selling Radar Detectors

The Devices Range and Sensitivity:

Many models offer a choice of modes for different situations. City-mode is less sensitive for crowded city driving. The detector is at full sensitivity when in highway mode. 360 Protection senses detectors behind you.

Corded or Cordless:

Like many appliances, the corded options offer more range and power. The cordless are more flexible and convenient as you can take them anywhere.

GPS Enhanced Features

GPS adds additional features. Sometimes detectors come programmed with locations of known stop lights and speed cameras. Another use for GPS is to track your speed or your speed variability. Some radar signals come from sources other than police radar guns. Some examples include automatic door openers and motion detectors. When you pass one, some systems let you mute it and teach the device to recognize the location so it doesn’t alert you when you pass the same area.

Safety Alerts

Some radar detector come with safety alert features. They warn the driver of railroad crossings, approaching emergency vehicles and other road hazards.

Most radar detectors include options that are potentially less distracting to drivers. Some of these features include adjustable light that can be dimmed to avoid interfering with night visibility. Voice alerts is another popular feature to minimize driver distraction.

Making Best Use of Your Radar Detector

Mount it correctly

Be sure to read instructions and recommendations as placement may affect your device’s function.

Read The Manual

Learn to use your radar detector so you can make full use of all it has to offer. If your detector does not come with a detailed manual, try YouTube. Consumers post reviews and tutorials about many popular models of radar detector.

Protect Your Detector

Your new radar detector may attract the attention of thieves. Many are removable so you can carry it with you after you park your car

Use the Correct Mode & Settings

Whether it is city mode or highway mode, the right settings make your detector more effective. If you choose a model with “learning” ability, program it for the areas you frequently pass. That way, you never need to hear an alarm when approaching your grocery store.

Drive Carefully and Stay Alert

A state-of-the -art radar detector helps you avoid tickets and trouble. It warns you to prepare during speed tests. Some also come with the strength of a smartphone app and community. Some alert the driver to other safety concerns and hazards.

We compiled a list of popular radar detectors. They range in price according to features and the technology used. Be sure to read consumer reviews to help you decide which detector is best for you.

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